Mitsubishi material tool ceramic alloy product for turning additional negative blade

Mitsubishi Materials Tool (Headquarters: Tokyo) added 28 G-class negative inserts to the ceramic alloy product "NX3035" for steel turning (see this site report). In this way, the product has reached 133 negative blades and 65 positive blades, totaling 226. In terms of price, the final chip cutting table "TNGG160408R-F" for cutting is 987 yen (tax included).
NX3035 is made of ceramic hard particles with TiCN (titanium nitride carbide) as the main component of an alloy with good thermal conductivity and cohesive force. The cutter head is also relatively stable in the wet cutting in which the original ceramic alloy is used and the cutting life is unstable. For cutting speed, when machining soft steel with hardness below 180HB, the recommended cutting speed is 240-340m/min. When cutting carbon steel and alloy steel above 180HB, the recommended cutting speed is 190-260m/min.

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Terex Flange And Bearing

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