The Chinese Academy of Sciences will invest over one billion yuan in frontier technology research

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] On January 12, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the start of a number of "Frontier Science Key Research Programs." The Frontier Science Key Research Program plans to take the next five years as the first cycle, and the research funding will exceed the input of one billion yuan. The four research projects of Automation: “Multi-scale optical molecular imaging frontier technology for tumor heterogeneity”, “Basic theory and key technology of high-mobility long-hanging bionic gliding machine dolphin,” “Construction of multi-scale monkey brain network map. The transcriptome study, "human-like visual semantic modeling and understanding" was selected. Each of the four projects received 600,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan in subsidies each year.

The newly launched frontier scientific research program will support 408 top scientists from 98 research institutes to attack world-class, even international, top-level basic science issues, and to make major original work with international top level. Academicians and internationally recognized top scientists working on the front lines of scientific research, “top-aged scientists of middle age” who have received the support of the fund’s Committee Jieqing project, and “top-notch young scientists” under the age of 40 who have research and innovation potentials, Experimental projects will receive research funding support of 1 million yuan, 60-80,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan per year respectively.
The plan hopes to create a good scientific research environment and platform for top-notch scientists, encourage and support the top scientists in free exploration of cutting-edge science, dare to challenge the forefront of scientific issues, put forward more original theories, form more original findings, and produce more More major scientific research results.
(Original Title: The four projects of the Automation Institute have been selected by the Academy of Sciences as Frontier Science Key Research Program)

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