Hong Kong Lijin Group launches world-class precision injection molding machine

The new precision injection molding machine launched by Hong Kong Lijin Group--EFFORT series direct-pressure high-performance injection molding machine recently unveiled at the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Machinery and Mould Industry Exhibition.
According to Yang Renjun, Manager of Marketing Department of Lijin Group, the EFFORT series adopts a single-cylinder injection system that was only mastered by a few countries such as Japan in the past. It has no nodes and the average energy saving is over 45%. The pure direct-pressure mechanism is designed to maintain parallelism for a long period of time, maintaining consistent transmission of the lock force, and adopting parameterized management without adjustment. On the mold opening stroke, the EFFORT direct press machine exceeded the machine hinge machine by 66.3% on average, which enabled China to reach the world's advanced technology level in this field.

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