1. Remote car door Lock/unlock, company indicated by direction light flash.
2. Remote trunk release signal "+" output
3. Direction light connect wires output
4. Car finding
5. Warning LED indicator light
6. Siren input connect wire(optional)
7. With windows Rolling up signal output(Negative)
8. Pneumatic lock/Electric lock optional
9. Learning code
10. Fits all vehicles(Universal fitting)

Detail Operation Manual:
Press"lock button" on the remote controller once with direction light flash once,and the central control door lock will be locked.meanwihle,there will be 30seconds negative(-) signal output for window rolling-up,LED light will automatically flash.
Press"unlock button" on the remote controller onece with the direction light falsh twice,and the central control door lock will be unlocked.
3.Trunk Release
Long Press"trunk release button"/"Mute button"/"Ring button"/"Flash button" for about 2.5seconds,the direction light will flash three times and trunk release simultaneously.
Attention: there is positive and Negative signal  for Trunk Release,So please Remark the signal output as you need,Default is Positive.
4.Car Finding.
In Locking status,Press"lock buttone"Once,direction light will flash three times for finding your Car.
5.Pneumatic lock/electric lock can be selected Just like the diagram display.


Dimensions:                                   2250*1400*1640mm

Maximum speed:                          50km/h
Economic speed:                          35km/h
Grand ability:                                 12º (20%)
Wheelbase:                                    1560mm
Trackbase:                                     1106/1126mm(front),1146mm/1166mm(rear)
Rated passenger number:           2 persons (including driver)
Curbweight:                                   720kg
Weight without battery:               450kg
Min.ground clearance:                 134mm
Tire size(mm):                               1/65 R12
Transmission system:                 CVT
Motor contral system:                 48V/4.5kw AC motor
Charge(input v/kw):                     single AC charging
Charging time:                              8-10h
Batteries:                                       Free maintenance Acid-lead battery 8v/150Ah*6pieces
Max.cruising range:                     120-150km under speed 35km/h
Range:                                            72KM (at max speed)
Range:                                            86KM (at 50 km/h)
Range:                                            110KM (at 40km/h)
Body structure:                              Module type car standard
Suspended system:                      Mc Person type front suspension,Intergal rear bridge
Brake system:                                Front:disc /Rear:drum
Min.turning radius:                       4.5m
Parking brake:                               Mechanical cable type
Qty/container:                               8pcs/40HQ,4pcs/20GP
Delivery time:                                30days
color option:                                  Red,Blue,Orange,White,Green,Yellow

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