A beautiful landscape ------ high-speed advertising

The highway is a beautiful landscape in modern society for us. It is an essential road tool for connecting a city with another city. Its fast and convenient, time saving and other advantages are all the time to benefit mankind and win the first choice for people to travel. At the same time, this is also the economy of human science and technology wisdom.


Every time we drive on the highway, we will see huge bulletin boards standing above the highway. Many manufacturers have seized this opportunity to generate momentum for their products and took the opportunity to attract the attention of passers-by to win the eye.

Can't help but someone can ask why billboards can be placed on the highway? What is its purpose? What is the role? Will billboards change at any time? How is its liquidity? Then we answer these questions.

High-speed advertising is a new type of information dissemination media for outdoor advertising. As the scenery along the road is monotonous, repeatable, and there are few peripheral visual obstacles, it is easy for people who give it to cause fatigue and tediousness. At this time, the speed of outdoor advertising on highways has become stronger. The visual impact is simpler, more eye-catching, more permanent, stronger in communication, more effective in advertisements, etc., which is conducive to full acceptance. As it has been positioned at high speed, high-speed outdoor advertising can provide continuous information to constantly changing consumer audiences. In each year's value comparison of various media, high-speed outdoor advertising has been rated as the best media choice. With an open field of vision and a large flow of people and vehicles, the company’s image and brand stand on the highway and can receive good results from the national effect. High-speed advertisements are made with high-precision spray paintings. The effect of pictures is good. The height of outdoor advertising spaces is exactly within the effective viewing angle of people. People are also boring when they are riding on cars. Therefore, advertisements are also more easily noticed. After a long period of exposure, People will form long memories and thus achieve a strong advertising effect. It is updated quickly, is not easily damaged, and will not affect the effectiveness of advertising due to weather or other factors. Therefore, the selection of freeway outdoor advertising also selects the most cost-effective advertising media, and it is more appropriate to maintain the company’s image or seek to increase awareness and establish corporate image advertising. The urban population is continuously growing, the population mobility is large, and the tourism industry is gradually increasing. More and more nationals choose to travel as the best way for the holiday leisure activities. As people stay in the outdoors longer, they have strong visual impact and creativity. The outdoor advertising of expressways has begun to affect people's consumption, and brand publicity has become increasingly prominent. Compared with other media, the creative space and free space of expressway outdoor advertising are much larger. Therefore, high-speed outdoor advertising is put into use, and it is better to save the cost of product sales and improve the corporate image and popularity. Therefore, highway outdoor advertising has become the second largest media advertisement.

As for the specific prices, you have to look at specific road sections. You have hundreds of millions of them in a year, and more than a dozen of them are cheaper.

Although high-speed advertising can enhance the company's influence and propaganda, but only its own well-established corporate brand, in order to make consumers convinced, buy rest assured!

Goodsense 3.0Ton Electric Side Loader Forklift advantages:

- Work in Narrow Aisle 
- Side loading advantage
- Used of long objects

- Rubber Mounted Half Open Cabin

- Multi-Direction Operation

- 3 Wheel hydrostatic Drive

- Load Sensing Steering

- 4 Way Lever Positioning of Wheels









Power Type



Load Capacity



Load centre










Pneumatic Tyre

Front Tyre



Rear Tyre



Overall Dimension




Lift Height



Fork Size




Mast Tilt Angle




Mast Lowered Height



Mast Extended Height(with backrest)



Length to face of fork(Without fork)



Overall Width



Cabin Height



Loading Plane Height




 3.0Ton Electric Side Loader Forklift


Application Area:




4.Distribution Center



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3.0Ton Electric Side Loader Forklift

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