Refrigerator temperature monitoring

With a refrigerated truck to transport goods, different goods and foods have their own temperature requirements. There are temperature recorders in refrigerated trucks, and it is crucial to keep foods stored at his proper temperature. Refrigerated cars generally can adjust the temperature between -30 and 10 degrees depending on the cargo being transported. The temperature of the refrigerated truck must be controlled so as to minimize the loss of the goods during transportation. So now the refrigerated truck has a temperature monitoring system, which can monitor the temperature inside the car at any time and accurately control the real-time temperature in the car. If the temperature exceeds the limit, it can be alarmed. In addition, the GPS system can realize the function of recording temperature values ​​in different time periods and different locations.


Second, according to what kind of food is stored, general seafood products should be stored and transported below -18 °C after quick freezing. If it is fresh fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to control the temperature to be less than 4 degrees greater than 0 degrees. However, a refrigerated truck has a wide range of adjustments to suit the storage and transportation of different products. The refrigerated truck monitoring system combined with the new version of GSP provides targeted temperature monitoring programs for the delivery of specialty pharmaceuticals during cryogenic transportation. According to national regulations, drugs that are stored at low temperatures (generally at 2-8°C), such as freeze-dried powder injections, biological products such as blood products, vaccines, etc., must be transported by medical refrigerated trucks to ensure the quality of drugs. According to the new national GSP regulations, the entire process of refrigerating drugs from purchase to delivery can be monitored in real time to ensure that the temperature inside the vehicle is accurate, real-time, effective, and long-term preservation. The quality of medicines in transit is ensured through an effective and complete monitoring system. . Ensure the safety of people's medication. Refrigerated drugs are low-temperature, cold-stored drugs. Generally refers to drugs that are stored at a storage temperature of 2-8°C during storage and transportation. Cold chain drugs generally refer to all aspects of the whole process of refrigerating, from the production to the use of drugs. Cold chain drugs are required to be kept at 2-8°C during the entire process of storage, transportation and use.

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