Precautions for the use of refrigerated trucks in summer

Summer is the peak period of the use of refrigerated trucks, but it is also the peak period for refrigerated trucks to malfunction. Some of the faults are the problems of the car itself, and some of them are the reasons for human driving. Therefore, there are some issues that need to be noticed when using a refrigerated truck in summer.

Note one: summer fatigue driving

As the temperature rises in the summer, the temperature in the cab of the refrigerated truck also increases, and the air circulation is also poor. The driver feels mentally tired, especially if driving in the afternoon or midnight is easier to sleep, which will easily lead to The occurrence of traffic accidents.


Note 2: The refrigerated truck steering, brake failure should be done in a timely manner

Summer is the peak period of various vehicle failures. If you encounter sudden loss of steering control, the driver should keep the straight line when the vehicle and the road conditions in front of you allow, do not use emergency braking, immediately lift the accelerator pedal, grab Blocking and decelerating, and evenly pulling the parking brake to assist; when the speed is significantly reduced, gently step on the brake pedal and stop slowly and smoothly. When the vehicle has deviated from the straight-line driving direction and the accident has been unavoidable, the brake pedal should be decisively and continuously decelerated to make the vehicle decelerate and stop as quickly as possible, shorten the stopping distance as far as possible, and reduce the impact.

While taking emergency measures, it may send warning signals to other vehicles and pedestrians on the road, such as opening dangerous lights, opening headlights, honking or gesturing.

Note three: always pay attention to the temperature of the tires of refrigerated trucks

It is not advisable to drive for a long time in summer. After every two hours or a certain distance, you should take proper rest and check the tire temperature. When you find that the tire pressure is high due to excessive temperature, you should try to stop the car in a cool place. Or under the shade of trees, let the tires naturally cool down and depressurize. Do not use cold water to reduce the tire temperature. In addition, emergency driving should be avoided during summer driving. Vehicle overload is strictly prohibited.

In the refrigerated truck driving in summer, there are many reasons such as air resistance, cracking, brake fluid and insufficient air pressure in the brake line, which may cause brake failure and failure, posing a threat to traffic safety. If the driver finds that the vehicle suddenly brakes out and fails, he must calm himself, hold the steering wheel steady, lift the accelerator pedal immediately, implement the engine drag brake, and use the steering to avoid obstacles; use the parking brake or “rob "Blocking" and other methods, trying to slow down parking; If it is a hydraulic brake vehicle, you can step on the brake pedal several times in a row, in order to accumulate braking force and produce braking effect.

Matters needing attention four: Avoid the refrigeration engine's engine temperature is too high

The driver of a refrigerated truck should regularly inspect the safety parts of the vehicle and pay attention to changes in the water temperature table at any time. Generally, it must not exceed 95°C. If the temperature is too high, it is necessary to promptly select a cool place to stop cooling, which can set off the engine cover ventilation and heat dissipation; after the temperature is lowered, check whether the engine cooling system is short of water and causes high temperature.

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