What are the characteristics of sealed dump truck?

Sealed self-dumping garbage truck is a type of garbage truck . Because it is a sealed type, there will not be any leakage or odor drift during the transportation of garbage, and it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Unloading garbage trucks is now the most common type of garbage truck. All areas of sanitation, residential quarters, schools, and industrial areas have used sealed dump trucks. What are the characteristics of sealed dump trucks ?


The main function of the sealed dump truck is to collect, transport and transfer garbage. It is a new type of sanitation vehicle. It can avoid secondary pollution to the environment during use. The environmental performance of the vehicle is very good and the working efficiency is relatively high. It is very simple and convenient to collect garbage, and it can automatically remove the garbage, so it has been widely used.

Sealed dump truck features

1. Good sealability. With the roof system installed, the sealed dump truck can ensure that no garbage will leak during the transportation of garbage, and even the dust on the garbage will not flow.

2. The safety performance is good. The sealed box cover of the self-dumping garbage dumper does not exceed the body of the vehicle, so it can run normally and will not bring any potential safety hazards. Moreover, the vehicle will be less tamper-resistant and will not be loaded with garbage. Change its focus.

3. Easy to use. The top cover of the sealed self-dumping garbage truck can be controlled by buttons, and can be opened and closed at will during loading and unloading of goods, which is very convenient.

4. Small size, light weight. Sealed self-unloading garbage truck itself has a small weight, especially the external appearance of its trash box body is very small, but the internal space is relatively large and the transportation efficiency is improved.

What are the characteristics of sealed dump trucks ? When you need to buy a sealed dump truck, you can first understand its price. At present, the price of sealed dump trucks is affected by many factors. The network understands the approximate price, and then finds manufacturers of sealed dump trucks to ask prices.

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