Domestic flux cored wire production equipment and production process status

Flux-cored wire as a rapid rise in the welding material variety, its domestic production technology in the end what kind of level? What is the difference between flux-cored wire produced by mainland manufacturers and Taiwanese or foreign companies? Why is the price so different?

At present, the price gap of domestic flux cored wire is relatively large. The price of flux cored wire produced by Taiwan-funded enterprises or foreign-funded enterprises in China is more than 1,000 or even more than 2,000 yuan per ton of flux-cored wire produced by us. But also welcomed by customers! This shows that our flux cored wire has a lot of room for improvement in terms of quality! Mainly in the following two aspects: drug core formulation and production process. The difference in the production process is mainly concentrated on the design of the molding machine and the surface treatment of the finished wire. Taiwanese enterprises in the molding machine more use rolling plus roller mode. The surface of the finished yarn undergoes two treatments: one is a surface cleaning process, and the other is to prevent rust, improve wire feeding, and overall welding performance. Our flux cored wire manufacturers generally only perform basic surface cleaning procedures. After communication between the author and the company's technical person in charge, I learned that: Although Nantong Xiaolong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces flux cored wire production equipment, but has always attached great importance to the software of this piece of supporting services, has now maturely mastered the formula of Taiwan The technology, production process, including surface treatment technology of finished flux cored wire, and the successful development of the rolling die, greatly reducing production costs and improving the quality of the welding wire.

Processing precision and assembly technology are the soul of the flux cored wire forming machine. Due to the special nature of flux-cored wire production, the processing requirements for each part of this equipment are very high. Perhaps the machining accuracy of a small part does not meet the requirements and the entire line cannot be operated stably. The author once visited the assembly process of Nantong Xiaolong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. The skilled workers skillfully put the small box into the large box, and the tolerance between the two is only one or two wires. There is almost no gap after installation! According to the skilled worker, only such a degree of precision can ensure that the steel strip does not go in the course of production, thereby ensuring a uniform filling rate.

Selection mainly depends on the part of the box. Currently, there are steel sheet splicing type and casting type, in which the deformation range during the casting type machining process is small, and it is relatively easy to reach the required accuracy of this equipment. Since the roll is a consumable item, the design of the force condition of the forming machine has a direct relationship with the roll wear. Therefore, this factor must be taken into consideration when selecting the molding machine. The design of the roll itself also has some impact on the cost. Generally, the larger diameter is more durable. The selection of materials for the roll section is not to say that the higher the hardness is, the better the material is. This depends on the stress conditions of the molding machine design, and it also has to be selected from the perspective of cost.

The production of flux cored wire in China began in the early 1990s and started relatively late. However, with the accelerated development of the market economy and industrialization in China in the 21st century, the general trend of the development of welding materials is toward “high quality, high efficiency, and automation”. The direction of development, of which the most prominent is the flux cored wire, has now become China's fastest growing welding consumables. Flux cored wire not only has the adjustability of the formula of the coating electrode, but also has the characteristics of continuous welding of the solid wire. From the products on display, it can be seen that the flux-cored welding wire has risen in popularity and is increasingly favored by people.

The welding material industry is closely related to the metallurgical industry. The production of welding consumables is highly correlated with the apparent demand of steel. The overall demand for welding consumables and the apparent consumption of steel are characterized by 0.007-0.008:1. In 2008, the nationwide production of welding consumables was approximately 3.6 million tons, an increase of approximately 4% over the same period of last year, accounting for approximately 50% of the world's output, and is a veritable consumable country. Industry development trends: Product structure upgrades, the proportion of electrodes decreased, and the proportion of welding wire increased. Welding automation and demand diversification have prompted the upgrading of the product structure of welding materials. At present, foreign welding consumables have been automated to a higher degree, and the proportion of electrode-based manual welding has dropped to less than 20%; while the proportion of domestic manual welding rods is still as high as 60%. It is estimated that in 2010, domestic common welding rods accounted for the total amount of welding consumables. The proportion fell below 50%. As a new type of replacement material, flux-cored welding wire has an increasing proportion in the entire welding consumables.

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