Tyre Online Sales International Brand Fully Topped by Michelin

Recently, TIE Kinetix, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, signed an agreement with the Michelin Group to help expand the online planning of its distributors and retailers. This is yet another measure of Michelin's online channel in recent months, and it is also a reflection of its conformity with the e-commerce development trend.

In the third quarter of 2015, the overall performance of the online operation of tire electricity supplier was proud compared to the first half of the year. The data shows that in the third quarter, the overall sales performance of the online sales of various tire brands was in the upper middle level.

1, the best-selling brand

In the third quarter of 2015, Michelin discarded brands such as Dunlop and Bridgestone with a significant gap, and steadily climbed into the top spot in the tires' best-selling list. Dunlop and Bridgestone followed, ranking second and third. It is worth noting that the once-rising domestic brand Chaoyang Tire e-commerce sales showed a declining trend for several consecutive months and has not improved so far, and the ranking still lags behind in the third quarter.

Ali system ranked the best-selling tire brand in the third quarter of 2015
Ali system ranked the best-selling tire brand in the third quarter of 2015

1.1 Top Ten Products of Tmall's Flagship Store Top Sellers

Data show that in the third quarter, Michelin ENERGY XM2 Renyu 205/55R16 91V car tires came out on the top of nearly 9,000 sales, was named "the best-selling single product in the third quarter" title, Dunlop SP T1 185/60R14 82H car tires, Bridgestone EP200 205/55R16 91V tires are ranked second and third. In the third quarter, Taobao Tire's top three best-selling products continued to fend off big international tires, which shows consumers' trust in the quality of international brands.

1.2 Jingdong Top Selling Tire Product List

In the third quarter of 2015, the Jingdong E-Commerce platform tire sales ranking champion is Michelin 205/55R16 PRIMACY 3ST Hao Yue 91W, ranked second is the horse brand 205/55R16 CC5 91V, Goodyear tire 205/55R16NCT591V ranked third . As an international brand with many years in the tire market, the international big names such as Ma Brand, Michelin and Goodyear have always won the trust of consumers with their excellent quality. Domestic brands such as Chaoyang must continue to strengthen investment in R&D and innovation, improve product quality, and increase brand promotion efforts to compete with international brands in the e-commerce space.

2, tire electricity supplier price distribution

In the third quarter of 2015, the sales price of online tires remained basically unchanged, ranging from 150 yuan to 1,500 yuan, while the tire price range of 200-500 yuan was still the most popular among consumers, compared with the changes in previous months. Big. In the third quarter, the volume of 300-400 tires has exceeded 80,000. From this we can see that the price of civilians is still the most popular among consumers.

3, tire brand heat

In the third quarter of the tire hot search Taobao Tmall, Michelin with its good reputation continues to lead other brands, the "Quarterly Search Hot Champion" title in the bag. Dunlop tires ranked second, and other brands such as Bridgestone, German Horse, Goodyear and other international top brands also started to catch up, gaining more search volume.

Second, the store analysis

1, tire Tmall flagship store credit rating

According to statistics, at present, the number of tire brands stationed in the Tmall flagship store has increased to 13. From the existing data, regardless of the degree of product description, or the speed of delivery and service attitude of the merchants, the scores of various tire brand flagship stores are maintained at a medium level. In addition, it can be seen from the scores and evaluation of consumers that, at present, the satisfaction of business descriptions and service attitudes is generally low, and businesses still need to make more efforts in these two aspects.

2. Geographic distribution of tire electricity supplier

In the third quarter of 2015, the regional pattern of tire electricity suppliers continued to diversify, and the sales volume of e-commerce “overlord” in Shanghai's e-commerce business declined compared to the first half of the year, accounting for only 32%. Zhejiang and Guangdong’s tire sales volume continued to catch up. , almost equal to Shanghai, occupying 27% and 22% respectively. In other provinces and cities such as Jiangsu and Jiangxi, e-commerce has also developed rapidly, trying to “share more slices” in the tire electricity supplier market. This shows that in the future, the regional competition of tire electricity suppliers will intensify.

Tire ecommerce city sales in the third quarter

Third, enhance offline service capabilities and enhance user experience

According to the final ruling of the U.S. Department of Commerce in June this year, Chinese manufacturers will be subject to anti-dumping duties of 14.35% to 87.99% and anti-subsidy duties of 20.73% to 100.77%. After 10 years of rapid development, China's tire industry is falling into an unprecedented trough. Under the “Internet” thinking, the establishment of a one-stop service platform for the whole industry chain or supply chain system of tire companies may be a way to resolve excess capacity.

Reducing the waste of social resources and improving social efficiency is an inevitable trend in the development of the Internet and is also the main reason for the rapid development of the e-commerce industry. Relatively vertical competition in the field of automotive aftermarket services is also a tug of war, so in the long run, the offline service capabilities of tire electricity providers are indeed very important, and customers are the first.

Just as the Michelin Group has signed an agreement with TIE Kinetix to expand its online planning programs for its distributors and retailers in order to leverage the company’s demand generation solution so that distributors can provide the highest quality user experience on their websites, Its sales conversion is maximized.

Unlike tires and other goods, it is not a product that arrives at home. Tires are large and heavy and require professionals to install them through specialized equipment. Therefore, regardless of the purchase route, consumers must return to the tire shop to receive services. Only by making fine offline services and improving user experience, can we go further in the e-commerce road.

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