Four major reuse methods for improving mineral processing indicators

During the flotation process, selected tailings or sweeping foam products are commonly referred to as medium mines. Generally, the mineral grade is lower than the concentrate and higher than the original ore, and its floatability is lower than that of the concentrate and higher than the tailings. For the treatment of medium mines, we must first analyze the situation of the continuous organisms in the middle ore. It is necessary to study the floatability of the mines and the requirements for the quality of the concentrates before we can determine the treatment methods of the mines. For the proper treatment of medium ore, there are four common methods for improving the mineral processing index. The more common methods are as follows.

(1) Returning the middle mine to the appropriate location in front of the flotation. If the useful minerals of the medium mine have been substantially dissociated, that is, return it to the appropriate location in the front of the flotation. There are two methods.

1 The sequential return, that is, the middle mine obtained by the latter action, returns to the previous operation in turn. When the useful minerals floatability of poor returns in order to reduce re-selected metal loss, ensure recovery, the number of re-election in the mine should be reduced, in sequential mining process is appropriate to return as well.

2 Centralized return to all the mines will be merged together to return to the appropriate front of the flotation. When the medium ore mine has good buoyancy and the quality of the concentrate is high, the centralized return of the medium mine is appropriate. Due to the selection of the mine, the fine minerals can be improved.

(2) When the middle ore returns to the grinding and grading cycle, the ore is connected to the grinding and grading cycle.

If the mine contains some ore particles separated from the partially monomer, it can be returned to the classification operation. In order to increase the mechanical scrub on the surface of the mine, it can also be returned to the mill.

(3) The separate treatment of medium ore is complicated for the nature of medium ore, such as complex inlay, the difference between floatability and ore minerality, and when there is more mud, if the mine returns to the original flotation cycle, it is bound to Deteriorating the entire flotation process. In this case, the middle mine should be treated separately.

(4) Other methods of treatment If the above methods are used to treat the middle ore, no good results can be obtained. Chemical treatment can be considered, but the experimental work should be carried out on the medium mine. According to the test results, the scheme should be comprehensive. Comparing technical and economic indicators, it is necessary to obtain a value that is technically reasonable and economically cost-effective. In addition, it is also considered that it will not be processed and it is possible to sell low-grade concentrates.

In short, in the process of flotation, it is necessary to carefully study the treatment method of the middle mine, and choose a reasonable plan, which is of great significance for improving the mineral processing index. As a general rule, the mine should be returned to work of similar grade. If the concentration of the mine is too low or the drug content is too large. As a result, the normality of the near-back operation is affected, and it is necessary to return after dehydration and de-drug treatment.

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