Practical Application Case of Small Automatic Weather Station in Agricultural Cultivation

In the field of agriculture, the establishment of small-scale automatic weather stations to provide meteorological services for agricultural production is not only an important measure to solve the major meteorological disasters in agricultural production, but also an important measure to ensure the safety of food production, and it is also a scientific and effective way to improve agricultural production guidance. , It can be said that the current development of China's agricultural cultivation and breeding, farmers play an important role in increasing production and income, the following small-scale automatic meteorological station in agriculture and farming in a few practical cases, to see the instrument system in the actual production of the important impact .

Small Automatic Weather Station

1, tobacco planting
Tobacco cultivation is an important way for farmers to increase income in some areas in China, but meteorological disasters such as heavy rain, drought, hail, etc. have seriously affected the growth and development of tobacco seedlings, resulting in a reduction in tobacco leaf production. After installation of a small-scale automatic weather station, the instrument can provide detailed and timely meteorological services for tobacco planters, and can grasp “first-hand” meteorological information in detail without leaving the home, and provide scientific response for farmers to deal with natural disasters in a timely manner and reduce disaster losses. It played an important supporting role.

2, livestock and poultry breeding
In livestock and poultry breeding activities, the weather conditions will also have a certain impact on aquaculture activities. Therefore, in order to facilitate the farmers to grasp the weather conditions in time and enhance the ability to respond to natural disasters, it is also necessary to establish a small-scale automatic weather station to monitor the agro-meteorological environment. It is like a good helper for livestock farmers, in the actual production process, farmers can help avoid risks and improve the efficiency of farming.

3, pear tree planting
In general, there are two disasters that pears are most afraid of: one is the cold and the other is the disaster. Without adequate weather data support, it is more difficult to effectively prevent these two disasters. After the establishment of a small-scale automatic weather station, according to the weather forecast, at the time of late spring, pear growers will treat the pears with smoke, and at the same time, the flood control operations will be carried out in time before the disaster, and the disaster will also cease to occur.

The above is a practical application of the results of small-scale automatic meteorological stations in agricultural cultivation. If agriculture is to develop rapidly, then the level of meteorological service guarantees must also continue to follow. By building small automatic weather stations, agricultural producers can not only obtain first-hand information on agricultural meteorology, but also have more time to take measures in advance to avoid Losses make the weather more targeted and instructive for agricultural services, and provide scientific guarantees for increasing agricultural production and income.

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