How OSOL Fingerprint Lock Works

The working principle of smart fingerprint lock: The human skin consists of three parts: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
Fingerprints are raised lines on the epidermis. Due to the genetic characteristics of human beings, although fingerprints are available to everyone, they are different. No two fingerprints have been found in the entire world to be identical. Its shape characteristics are fixed.
The working principle of the smart fingerprint lock II: According to the uniqueness of each person's fingerprint, it is determined that the fingerprint is used as the key.
Through pre-archiving in the system, the individual's fingerprint is stored in advance. When the user needs to access, the fingerprint sensor collects the fingerprint information of the user, passes the fingerprint feature value to the fingerprint identification chip for analysis and comparison, and determines whether the user has the right to access.
Smart fingerprint lock works three: set permissions
If the user has the necessary authority, after the verification passes, the fingerprint identification chip outputs the control signal to drive the gated DC motor to achieve the control of the door; if the user does not have the corresponding authority, the verification will give the verification failure information.
Smart fingerprint lock works four: experience summary
Many people are now doing fingerprint lock installation. The market for fingerprint locks is very large. The benefits of installation are not discussed today. Let's look at the working principle of fingerprint locks. Are fingerprint locks safe? These should be all comparisons. concerns, the human body is a kind of fingerprint lock smart lock with fingerprint recognition and support means, it is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint locks generally consist of two parts: electronic identification and control, and mechanical linkage system. The uniqueness and non-replicability of the fingerprint determines that the fingerprint lock is the safest kind of lock among all the current locks.

belt pressure filter
The dewatering process of belt press filter with
Belt Filter Press can be divided into four important stages: pre treatment, gravity dehydration, wedge-shaped area prepressure dehydration and pressing dehydration. All new equipment Filter Press automatic filter press, diaphragm filter press, deep Sludge Dewatering press, integrated sewage sludge treatment equipment, on-line precision Filtration system and other environmentally friendly filter products with reasonable price and reliable performance.
brief introduction
belt pressure filter
Structure introduction
The belt press filter is mainly composed of the driving device, the rack, the press roll, the upper filter belt, the lower filter belt, the filter belt tensioning device, the filter belt cleaning device, the discharging device, the gas control system and the electric control system. China has a large number of industrial chains, low production concentration, low level of research and development of high-end products, low manufacturing technology in the belt filter press industry, and the expansion of the import and export trade deficit.  The next few years will be the high-speed concussion period of the belt filter press industry. The direct consequence of this high-speed oscillation is the expansion of polarization in the brand camps. There are absolutely not many enterprises that can really survive in the market in the next few years. But this high-speed oscillation of belt filter industry will bring huge opportunities, and the result of turbulence will make the operation of the market more rational. The road of high-end electric home localization is "bumpy". The foundation has become a short board which restricts the development of the belt filter press industry to the high end. In 12th Five-Year, the government will continue to increase the domestically made efforts of the high-end equipment parts of the belt press. The products are also widely used for environmental protection, municipal, mining, electric, chemical, electronic, food and food products. All walks of life, such as pharmaceuticals, textiles and other industries.
belt pressure filter
The structure and working conditions of the main components are briefly introduced below.
1 rack: the belt press filter rack is mainly used to support and fix the press roller system and other components.
2 the press roller system is composed of a roller arranged in diameter from big to small. The sludge is clamped by the upper and lower filter bands, and the pressure gradient is formed under the action of the strain of the filter. The pressure of the sludge in the process of dewatering is increasing, and the water content in the sludge is gradually removed.
3 gravity dewatering device: mainly composed of gravity zone bracket and material trough. After the flocculated material is removed, a large amount of water is removed in the gravity area and its fluidity becomes worse.
4 wedge zone dehydration device: the wedge zone formed by the upper and lower filter belt exerts pressure on the gripped material and prepressure dehydration to meet the requirement for the liquid content and fluidity of the press dehydration section.
5 filter band is the main component of the belt press filter. The separation process of the solid and liquid phase of the sludge is all above and the filter zone is the filter medium. The pressing force is obtained by passing the press roll under the tension force of the upper and lower filter bands.
6 filter adjustment device: from the executive parts: cylinder, adjustment roller signal, anti air pressure, electrical system. Its function is to adjust the deviation of the filter band caused by the uneven tension of the filter belt, the installation error of the roller and the unequal feeding, so as to ensure the continuity and stability of the belt press filter.
7. filter cleaning device: consists of sprinkler, washing water cartridge and cleaning hood. When the filter belt walks, the cleaning device is continuously washed and the pressure water is impacted by the sprinkler. The material remaining on the filter strip is separated from the filter zone under the action of pressure water, making the filter regenerated and preparing for the next dehydration process.
The 8. filter belt tensioning device consists of a tensioning cylinder, a tensioning roll and a synchronous mechanism. Its function is to tighten the filter belt and provide the necessary tension conditions for the production of pressing force of the squeezed dehydration. The adjustment of the tension size can be achieved by adjusting the pressure of the tension cylinder of the pressure system.
9 discharge device: composed of scraper plate, tool carrier, discharge roller, etc., its function is to peel the dehydrated cake and filter belt to achieve the purpose of discharging.
10 transmission device: by motor, reducer, gear transmission mechanism and so on, it is the power source of the belt walking, and can adjust the speed of the reducer to meet the requirements of different speed in the process.
11 air pressure system: the system is mainly composed of power source (gas storage tank, motor, gas pump, etc.), actuating components (cylinder) and air pressure control elements (including pressure relay, pressure flow and direction control valve). Through the air pressure control element, the air pressure, the flow and the direction are controlled, and the pressure and speed of the pneumatic actuator are guaranteed, and the work is done normally according to the predetermined program. It is the power source to complete the tightening and adjusting operation of the filter belt.

Belt Filter Press

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