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Dongfeng truck crane will inevitably appear this kind or failure in the process of use, then how do we perform maintenance after failure? Here, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the ten major precautions when repairing the Dongfeng truck crane electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine. I hope to bring you some reference and help you to repair the Dongfeng truck crane.

The first consideration is that when the fault is judged, the relevant equipment can be used to judge the fault of the Dongfeng truck crane and determine the cause of the fault by judgment. Under normal circumstances, it should be started from the peripheral equipment, and then gradually. The control unit looks for the cause of the fault.

The second point of attention is that non-professionals cannot carry out maintenance of the Dongfeng truck-mounted diesel engine-controlled diesel engine system. In the course of maintenance, there must be professional personnel trained in the Dongfeng truck-mounted crane related professional training.

The third precaution is to use special tools for diagnosing the cause of Dongfeng truck crane malfunction. Do not use some non-professional and simple common tools to implement fault diagnosis.

The fourth precaution is to conduct detailed understanding and reading of the operating instructions and technical instructions before conducting diagnosis and maintenance of the Dongfeng truck crane fault. In the fault diagnosis, it is not possible to use the traditional method for the new Dongfeng truck crane. Perform troubleshooting.

The fifth consideration is that when the Dongfeng truck crane engine is started, disassembling the high pressure common rail system is an absolutely prohibited action. The act of releasing the injector tubing when the cylinder is inspected is absolutely prohibited.

The sixth precaution is that the relevant operation must be performed after the Dongfeng truck crane engine has reached a stop time of ten minutes, and each connector of the control circuit can only be plugged and unplugged in case of a power failure. When the equipment is used, attention should be paid to the earthing of the Dongfeng truck crane engine.

The seventh point of attention is to check the control of the equipment and the Dongfeng truck crane. The bear should be connected and plugged into a suitable state. During the process of the poor parts, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the markings and parts. .

The eighth point of attention is that the new parts must match the original parts and should be kept clean during operation to avoid all kinds of pollution.

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