Spray drying fruit and vegetable powder to develop healthy food

In recent years, consumers are increasingly pursuing green, natural, healthy, and convenient foods. Therefore, the use of natural fruit and vegetable powder processed foods is welcomed. The author learned from Tianjin Juchang Food Co., Ltd. that the fruit and vegetable powder produced by spray drying has maintained the nutrition of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, the color, aroma, taste and various functional factors in the original fruits and vegetables. It is used in pasta, Chinese and Western pastries, middle-aged and elderly foods, children's foods, travel foods, cold foods, and beverages, and is favored by food companies and consumers.
In the trial of natural fruit and vegetable powder, the testers rinsed the cucumber powder with boiling water, and a faint yellow-green cucumber water was seen, and fresh cucumber smell was emitted. The color of natural fruit and vegetable powder can be used as a natural coloring agent for foods, as well as the aroma and nutrition of fruits and vegetables. For example, many food companies use spinach powder to dissolve the natural green color that has appeared in place of synthetic colorants used in the past. It is added to the dough to make a light green dumpling skin, dumpling filling, flowering steamed bun or hanging noodles.

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