Water heating construction program

4 procedures for floor heating construction
1. Floor heating construction program
(1) Review drawings: Determine the rationality and consistency of design for floor heating and civil engineering.
(2) Coordinating construction relations: Agree with other construction units (water, electricity, gas, television, telephone, heating, etc.) to coordinate construction.
(3) Prepare materials, implements and construction facilities, and arrange construction personnel: 1 Make a material plan (master, auxiliary, and consumable material plan). According to the design requirements, determine the material brand, and determine whether the required material quality characteristics are qualified or not according to the material technical performance index test. Three days before the start of construction, the quality and quantity of materials reached the temporary storage site of materials at the construction site, and ensured the safe storage of materials. 2 Preparation of special equipment required for construction. List the name and quantity of special equipment (with specific equipment schedules) to ensure that the special equipment is in good condition and arrive at the construction site 3 days before the start of construction and store it safely. 3 configuration construction staff. All personnel required for construction shall be assigned and special engineering training shall be conducted before the commencement of construction to ensure that high quality of the project is completed on time.
(4) On-site construction work: 1) Construction handover. Before the construction of the floor heating works, the responsible person of the floor heating engineering and the civil construction unit exchange the floor heating work surface. It is required that the construction of the water and electricity for the floor heating must be completed, the interior wall and the waterproof work are completed, there is no debris, and the flatness of the ground should be within ±5mm (2m) Inside). 2) Construction work. According to the civil construction progress, construction process flow for on-site operations. 3) Process flow. Insulation plate reflection film composite → identification of operating surface → installation points, water collectors → installation of corner insulation, laying composite insulation board → laying floor heating pipe loop, add flexible protective casing → install expansion joints → pressure test → shop fill Fine stone concrete → secondary pressure test → acceptance acceptance. 4) Engineering acceptance.
2 Floor heating technical measures and quality control

(1) The project management team arranges professional engineering and technical personnel to perform engineering and technical disclosure to all construction personnel before construction. It puts forward technical requirements and quality requirements that should be paid attention to in the construction process and feasible methods for how to achieve the technical and quality standards, emphasizing key processes. Construction of key control content.
(2) On-site technical supervisors shall supervise the construction procedures, materials and quality; the construction team leader shall be responsible for the strict implementation and supervision of the operating methods and procedures, and shall be implemented in layers until the operator.
(3) The technical supervisor of the project is responsible for handling the changes proposed by Party A and the special problems arising during the construction, and is responsible for promptly reporting information to the project manager and formulating corresponding measures in a timely manner.
(4) Establish a project quality assurance system, attached: "Quality assurance system table", set up quality control points in key processes. In order to make the construction process controlled.
(5) The system of three inspections shall be implemented, and the quality supervisor shall ensure its effective operation.
(6) The materials are inspected and inspected by quality inspectors before they are put into storage, and they are properly stored after being put into storage to ensure that the quality of outbound materials is in good condition.
3 Safe and civilized construction
(1) Management personnel and construction personnel shall wear work clothes, wear safety helmets, and divide their work according to their duties, and wear corresponding marks.
(2) Observe Party A's requirements for construction site, safety, and civilized construction, respect Party A personnel and construction personnel of different units on the same construction site.
(3) Strictly abide by the company's safety regulations and operating procedures.
4 product protection
(1) After installation of the pipeline, it is forbidden to enter the tread or rolling.
(2) It is forbidden to stack any items on the paved pipes.
(3) Do not touch the valve on the manifold.
(4) To prevent the destruction of pipelines in civil construction professional ground construction.

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