Changchai Euro III Multi-cylinder Diesel Engine Tested in Western Region

Recently, another batch of multi-cylinder diesel engines that have reached Euro III emission have been successfully supported by several vehicles. On July 23, a fleet of 4B28TC diesel engines with the company held a ceremony at the Changchai multi-cylinder machine base. The cars will be far away. It took more than one month to go to Xinjiang and Qinghai to carry out vehicle calibration tests for high temperature and high altitude. Chairman Xue Guojun, general manager He Jianguang, party secretary Lu Weimin, and deputy general manager Xu Yi attended the expedition ceremony.

This batch of vehicles equipped with 4B28TC diesel engines has different models such as pickup trucks and SUVs. According to the introduction of five technicians who will be tested on the vehicle, this batch of vehicles will go to Xinjiang first, conduct high-temperature tests, and then go to Qinghai to carry out plateau tests. The set-off test will test the operation of the diesel engine and the use of key components.

In recent years, the company has insisted on independent innovation, accelerated the pace of its entry into the automotive sector through the implementation of product structure adjustment, independently developed differentiated products with high technology content and unique competitive advantages, and has successfully supported a number of automotive manufacturers.

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