Kaifeng air separation first set of complete air separation plant design completed

The Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Echeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., which was designed and operated by Kaifeng Air-to-Air Co., Ltd., was the first to fully separate the air separation unit 35,000 air separation unit equipment and was designed and completed shortly before. This set of equipment is not only the first set of fully-extracted air separation equipment signed by Kaifeng Airspace, but also the largest set of air separation equipment in the external compression process equipment undertaken by the company so far.
Egang Group is an old customer of Kaifeng Air Separation Co., Ltd., which had 1500 air separation switching process from the 1970s, and then went on the air separation switchboard process 6000 air separation, molecular sieve process full distillation argon 6,000 air separation, Oxygen compressed within the 10000 space, outside compressed 20000 hours, until now 35000 full extraction of air.
In addition to oxygen, nitrogen and argon, this air separation plant also extracts crude helium, neon and high-purity liquid oxygen, liquid argon and other rare gases. The design requirements are strict and the technical difficulty is high. Only new design equipment is included. As many as 42 units.

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