Hualing heavy truck lineup to participate in Shanxi Truck Logistics Exhibition

On June 2nd, Hualing Heavy Truck participated in the first China (Taiyuan) International Truck and Logistics Exhibition with a strong product lineup. At this exhibition, Valin Automotive integrated innovative and matured special-purpose vehicles with innovative products to fully demonstrate the company's integration of international resources to build cars and create a leading international automotive brand image.

At the booth of Valin, a total of 5 vehicles were displayed: 2 star Kiama heavy trucks – 6×4 high-top tractors (one for red and metal grey) and 3 traditional models – 6×4 flat tops Self-unloading, 8×4 narrow body flat top dump and 8×4 flat top dump. The two Star Kama Heavy Duty Trucks exhibited at this time have adopted a brand-new design concept of safety and light weight. The cab has a four-point suspension structure, airbag damping, large storage space, and sophisticated interiors. With exquisite workmanship, the entire vehicle has great technical advantages in fuel economy and reliability.

Since 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, the economy has continued to slump and the heavy truck market has also been greatly affected. However, with the country’s 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus policy and the commencement of infrastructure construction, the sales volume of Hualing heavy trucks has picked up in March. The sales of Guangdong and Fujian in the southeast coast, Jiangxi, Hunan in the middle, and Sichuan and Guizhou in the southwest have all rebounded sharply, exceeding the best level in history.

As an important distribution center for the truck market in North China, the strategic significance of Shanxi is self-evident. This time, Valin Motors participated in a high-profile exhibition to promote sales of the Hualing heavy truck in the Shanxi market, hoping to have a big harvest in the second half of this year.

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