Large-scale journalist interview group entered the new Hangfa

The afternoon of June 2 included Economic Daily, China News Service, Liberation Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Asia Business Satellite TV, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou and Shaoxing newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet. About 40 journalists from 27 large-scale joint interview groups composed of media took the opportunity to “transcend the crisis into opportunities for the development of the aircraft—focusing on the Hangzhou metropolitan economic circle” and came to China National Heavy Duty Trucks to interview and record Hangfa in recent years, especially last year’s four. Since the quarter, companies have taken active measures to respond to the financial crisis and achieved a leapfrog development.

The reporters first visited the company's product showroom and machining, assembly and other production sites. Hang Fa-li's new plant and neat and orderly operating environment left a deep impression on the reporters, and they directed the camera to the running assembly line and busy operators.

The general manager of the company, Li Kekuan, introduced the changes that Hangfa made in recent years through the relocation of enterprises in terms of capacity expansion, product upgrading, quality improvement, equipment renewal, sophisticated management, beautiful environment and improvement of the overall quality of employees. Especially since the fourth quarter of last year, affected by the international financial crisis, the company has taken active measures to deal with the reduction of orders, and from the perspective of ensuring growth, ensuring people's livelihood, and ensuring stability, it has promised to the community with 200 companies in Hangzhou. 2009 We will not lay off employees in the year, and actively fulfill the social responsibilities of corporate citizens.

Li Kekuan talked to reporters about Hangfa's concern about how companies respond to market demand, how to manage cost reduction through innovation, how to contribute to the parts enterprises in the urban economic circle, and why Sinotruk maintains rapid growth in its development under the influence of the financial crisis. communicate with.

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