Ministry of Commerce: Resolutely opposes the United States to impose special tariffs on Chinese tires

The Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement on July 3 stating that on the basis of the current US import tariffs (3.4%-4.0%), the United States will impose 55%, 45%, respectively, on China’s passenger-to-submersible passenger cars and light truck tires for three consecutive years. The special tariff of 35% on ad valorem expresses great concern and strongly opposes the US measures to restrict my tire products.

It is reported that on June 29, 2009, the US International Trade Commission announced preliminary recommendations on relief measures for China’s passenger car and light truck tire special protection cases: based on the current import tariff (3.4%-4.0%), on the basis of China The ad hoc tariffs of 55%, 45%, and 35% have been imposed on passenger and light passenger truck tires for the past three consecutive years.

The Ministry of Commerce stated that the Chinese side has repeatedly expressed its consistent position that it strongly opposes the foreign governments’ use of special safeguard clauses to investigate Chinese products. The Chinese tire industry has demonstrated through ample evidence that there is no direct competitive relationship between tires produced in China and similar products in the United States. Imports of Chinese products have not caused damage to the U.S. industry, and restrictions on the import of Chinese products cannot solve the problems facing U.S. industry. problem. The suggestion of high tariffs proposed by the US International Trade Commission, lack of rationality and objective basis, will seriously hinder the normal development of the tire trade between China and the United States, and it will also harm the interests of tire consumers in the United States.

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