Looking forward to the wisdom of the shale crusher

The crusher is a very popular product in many mechanical products and can be seen in many industries. However, there are many users in the use of the device due to improper use and maintenance is not timely to make it damaged, affecting its production efficiency And the service life, then how do we properly maintain and maintain it when using this equipment? Let's explain to our customers today:

1. During the work process, the equipment should be operated by personnel with certain technical knowledge. Based on specific conditions, post-technical training for operation, maintenance, and electrical workers should be conducted prior to installation to achieve a certain level of performance and principles. Familiarity can only be post operation.

2, according to the use of the development of "equipment maintenance and safe operation system" to ensure the long-term safe operation of the equipment.

3. After use for a certain period of time, the consumables should be inspected and replaced to ensure that they do not affect the normal work in the later period.

4, before the test machine must be started under no load conditions, observe the boot is normal. Before use, check for loose parts such as link bolts. If any loose parts, check them immediately.

The company's main products: coal gangue mill, double-stage mill, coal crusher, shale mill

The maintenance of the crusher is the basis of all work and is one of the responsibility of the operators. It is an important means to keep the equipment in good condition. It is an active prevention work. Only the maintenance of the coal gangue crusher is done. Work, timely deal with various problems that may occur at any time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The company's main products: coal gangue mill, double-stage mill, coal crusher, shale mill

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