· Geely Volvo's first child called Borui's marriage for three years

Geely's acquisition of Volvo was once described as the Eastern poor guy who married the Western princess. On December 15th, Geely Volvo gave birth to the "first child" in the Water Cube three years after the marriage, and named it Borui, which opened Geely's new era of "making everyone's boutique cars."
The water cube of the post-APEC era still retains the scene layout of the APEC state banquet, which is the first large-scale commercial event held in the Water Cube after APEC. Despite attending the birth of Borui's guests, the presence of Volvo President and CEO Hanken Samuelson marked the relationship between Geely Volvo and the applause when the host introduced each guest. However, when introducing Li Shufu, the decibel of applause is obviously much higher, and he seems to enjoy this courtesy. For the autobot, he may be Geely or even private; for foreigners, Li Shufu is China.
Borui's world premiere debut in Volvo's bloody soul. Bore, formerly known as GC9, is a strategic model of Geely and even Chinese local brand cars. Geely Holding Group President An Conghui said on the "Geely Brand Night": "The Chinese auto market has entered a new stage of development, and the 80s have become the main force of the market. Geely Automobile has fixed the brand mission of the new era as 'making everyone' The boutique car', and under the brand mission, has tempered the brand spirit of the new generation of Geely Automobile: exquisite and confident."
An Conghui told the Beijing Morning News reporter that after three years of integration with Volvo, for the future, Geely Automobile has clearly planned a platform and generalized R&D strategy based on KC and FE platforms and a CMA mid-level car architecture. The market segment provides a product portfolio that is designed to be confident, dynamic, and reliable. Geely will continue to deepen its technical cooperation with Volvo in the fields of safety, air quality in the car, advanced powertrain and small and efficient engines, and promote Geely's rapid and sustainable development, which will make Geely's product quality and brand image. Achieve leaps and bounds.
Hankhan Samuelson, president and CEO of Volvo Car Group, who made a special trip to Borui's world premiere, said: "Like Geely, Volvo is undergoing product transformation and upgrading, while introducing a new design language and the world's leading powertrain system. In order to achieve the goal of sales of 800,000 vehicles in the medium-term year, Volvo and Geely will realize the synergy and benefit between the brother companies. The CMA of the mid-level vehicle module structure jointly developed by the two parties is the best example."
China's own brand entered Borui time as the first flagship model under Geely's new brand strategy. Geely Borui's debut is undoubtedly the protagonist of the brand night. Borui is a mid- to high-class sedan built by Geely based on the KC platform. The length of the vehicle is 4956 /1860/1516mm and the wheelbase is 2850mm. The unique fast-back profile gives the vehicle an elegant and stable posture, which makes the design style of the whole car close to the feel of the coupe. It is full of movement and the future of Geely products is brand new. The styling language and trends are also reflected.
Peter Hobri, senior vice president of Geely Automotive Design, said: “We have increased our investment in styling design over the past two years, and established four styling centers in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona and California, and hired more than 200 worldwide. A team of top designers. These investments have begun to revolutionize the design of Geely, and Geely Borui is the pioneering of this revolution. In the future, Geely will integrate international design trends and Chinese aesthetic elements to create a series of dynamic and refined Products to meet the increasing demands of Chinese consumers."
Geely Borui, positioned as the "new generation of advanced dynamic car", is equipped with leapfrog technology. At the same time, Borui is equipped with a 1.8T GDI turbocharged direct injection engine and a 3.5L V6 energy-efficient all-aluminum engine. The advanced powertrain of Australia's DSI multi-mode six-speed automatic manual transmission.

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