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It is understood that with the continuous improvement of the supply capacity of China's plastic flexible packaging industry, it will provide more opportunities for the export growth of products. In addition, with the continuous maturity of the domestic consumer market will make the export market transfer more Businesses seek an important path to sustainable development. In short, the export market prospects of China's plastic flexible packaging industry will be very broad.

In terms of beverages, most beverage manufacturers are only focusing on economic benefits, and plastics and handicrafts rarely consider issues from an ecological perspective. More kinds of products require more differentiated packaging, which has become the trend of the beverage industry. The development of beverage packaging machinery technology will become the ultimate driving force of this trend.

In the next three to five years, the beverage market will develop existing juices, teas, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, and carbonated beverages. At the same time, plastic building materials will go to low sugar or sugar-free beverages, as well as pure natural products. Milk and other healthy beverages are developing. The development trend of products will further promote the development of packaging differentiation, such as PET aseptic cold filling and packaging, HDPE milk packaging, and aseptic carton packaging.

According to a report from the Cleveland Industrial Market Research Corporation, the new type of polyester packaging claims that the global demand for plastic bags will increase at an annual rate of 6.2%, and the total market demand will reach US$37.3 billion by 2018. The growth of this value is caused by the traditional consumer preferences of consumers and producers. The market is more inclined to the traditional form of plastic packaging. This can be said to be a kind of inertia in the market.

In China and other developing countries where market expansion is expanding rapidly, the expansion of the production scale of packaging bags and the increasing market demand are complementary. The report shows that by 2018, the market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to have the highest revenue. Among them, food packaging (especially beverage packaging) and pharmaceutical packaging will be the two main growth poles.

The extrusion foamed PP sheet from A-MUT of Italy is the latest development of foam plastic products. It uses MOH-TELL high-viscosity resin, high melt strength polypropylene (HMSPP), PP homopolymer and low ODP chemical foaming agent to produce foamed polypropylene sheet with fine pores and uniform distribution. (EPP). HMSPP used in foamed PP only accounts for 12.5%, which has great economic significance and environmental protection significance: Compared with PP sheet with the same properties, it has low product density and can save 20% of raw materials, thus saving 20% ​​due to damage. Ecological environment needs to pay the cost. The production of foams for packaging has developed along the roads of CFC → HCFC → HFC → HC, and is now advancing towards “zero ODP”, “low GWP” and low-pollution green processes.

Because metallocene polymers have many advantages, such as good processability, high strength, high rigidity, and good transparency, they have received great attention from the packaging industry, and have therefore introduced many new products. Metallocene plastics will directly impact the market of PP, HDPE, LLDPE, and elastomer plastics. It is very suitable for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, shrink film and hygiene products.

Taste unique personalized plastic packaging With the development of the market, high-end luxury goods are increasingly sought after by the market. Young people prefer personalized packaging. Last year, Coca-Cola launched a personalized plastic bottle label, printed on the label of plastic bottles, such as youthful happiness and other labels to meet the personalized appeal of young people. Has won the pursuit of many young people. Nowadays, the demand for personalized customization of plastic bottle packaging is getting stronger in China. In this regard, we believe there is an urgent need for several professional private custom plastic bottle companies to specifically meet this demand in the market. This market will be rather special. It will no longer be orders for large quantities of plastic bottles. Instead, it will focus on the production and sale of quality and personalized plastic bottles. In response to market demand, we hope that more plastic bottle manufacturers in China will actively try to enter this field.

As a packaging material, plastic has its advantages and disadvantages. When it is used, it must ensure good application. The advantages should be promoted continuously. Avoid the disadvantages of plastic bottles, reduce unnecessary troubles, and ensure the greater role and value of plastic bottles. The development of the food industry and the transformation of sales methods. Diversified product packaging design is even more eye-catching. Comparing several hot-selling products, we can find that in addition to the more common plastic bottles, canned cans, Tetra Pak, and glass bottles, the number of designs has increased significantly. Many unique and convenient packaging designs have been favored by consumers.

Consumers are particularly interested in the "inner" taste of the products brought by imported drinks, and the characteristics of "external" unique, convenient and user-friendly packaging designs are willing to accept and try.

The plastic bottle itself has a variety of shapes, changing colors to make it more personalized than other packages. The trend of personalized packaging in the current market will affect the design concept of plastic bottles, and companies will work more in personalized research and development to cater to the mainstream of the market.

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  • High melting point
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  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low electrical conductivity

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